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Our Story

The idea for Physitrack and Physidata came about in late 2011, when a relative of one our co-founders was given an unclear paper home exercise handout after a knee operation. This greatly reduced his motivation to do his home exercise program.

We got together and decided that there should be a better way to encourage and track patient adherence. 

For over three years, our team of industry veterans worked tirelessly to design, develop, throw away, redevelop and polish what would become a new global standard in exercise programming and patient outcome and feedback tracking.


For experts. By experts.

Physitrack and PhysiData were born out of a desire to create a more effective way to prescribe exercise programs, as well as improve patient outcomes and reduce unnecessary wastage in healthcare systems around the world.

To do this we work with leading clinical experts (including APA physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, osteopaths and chiropractors) and the best UI / UX developers to create an unmatched experience for both practitioners and patients.

We also work with some of the world’s leading Universities in the areas of education and research, including the Universities of Melbourne and Sydney, La Trobe University, Cardiff University, Edith Cowan University Victoria University, University of Western Australia and many others.

The people behind Physitrack and PhysiData.

Nathan Skwortsow
Co-founder & CTO

Nathan has been developing for the Internet since 1996 and co-founded Physitrack following his success with Dutch ventures Lexa and Kamernet. He holds degrees in television production and computer science. Early projects in Nathan’s career include UX design for the Long Beach Fire Department and design of artificial intelligence decision support for emergency first response.

Breht McConville
Partner & CSO

Breht comes from an engineering background primarily working in delivering and managing complex turret mooring systems for the offshore oil and gas industry. In addition to working in engineering management, Breht holds qualifications in Occupational Health and Safety and a degree in Asian Studies and Political Economy.

Frank van Zon
Country Director The Netherlands

Frank is a trained physiotherapist in areas including sports rehabilitation and chronic conditions. Combining his passion for healthcare and innovation, Frank leads Physitrack’s efforts in the Netherlands.

Dr. Jill Thomson, CCSP

Jill is the ART specialist for University of Texas women’s athletics. She has experience treating highly trained athletes, such as the San Jose Sharks, Canadian National Figure Skaters, University of Texas athletes, and world class Ironman athletes.

Prof. Kim Bennell

Prof. Kim Bennell is a research physiotherapist and Professor and Director of the Centre for Health, Exercise and Sports Medicine, in Physiotherapy at the School of Health Sciences, University of Melbourne.

Hank Mollin
Co-founder & CEO

Hank has 20 years of institutional business development experience in risk management systems, publishing and finance. He holds a BSc in finance and accounting.

Henrik Molin
Co-founder & CEO

Henrik has over 20 years of experience in institutional business development and entrepreneurship. He started his career with Reuters Plc in 1995 where he developed and marketed financial information and risk management systems before moving into banking and finance. He holds a BSc in Finance and Economics from USBE and is a bestselling author in his native Sweden.

Marijn Kortekaas
Partner & Program Director Asia Pacific

Marijn comes with 15 years experience in institutional business development and channel management, both in Europe and Asia Pacific. Having worked for Nike and a range of other international companies, Marijn has an intricate knowledge of doing business in the Asia Pacific region.  Marijn holds a BA in International Tourism Management.

Rob Elek
Senior Advisor

Rob is the Director of Strategy of NHS St George’s University Hospitals Foundation Trust as well as a member of the Trust's board and brings deep experience from the public healthcare space. In his 15 years with the NHS - the UK public healthcare system - Rob held several senior positions, among them Director of Strategy and Business Development at Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust where he also served as interim Chief Operating Officer and Director of Commercial Development at Southhampton University Hospitals NHS Trust.

Jonpaul Nevin, (BSc) Hons, CSCS, ASCC

Jonpaul is the lead Strength and Conditioning Coach for the UK service charity Help for Heroes. As a result of 14 years' service in Royal Army Physical Training Corps he is highly experienced in the fields of exercise rehabilitation, strength and conditioning and disability sport.  Currently he provides strength and conditioning support to wounded British service personnel who are on performance para-sport pathways and works extensively with the British Paralympic Association (BPA), English Institute of Sport (EIS), British Cycling and British Weight Lifting.

Michael Sloniewsky
General Manager, US and Canada

Michael Sloniewsky has over 15 years of experience in healthcare, including with RMG, Inc., South Carolina, where he has played a key role in strategy and operations at corporate level, as well as within RMG’s OsteoArthritis Centers of America business, and with US Physical Therapy prior to that. Mike is a graduate of Columbia Business School's Executive Programs and Virginia Tech.

Rosalind Wallis
Clinical lead and content manager

Roz graduated from Kings College London as a physiotherapist and has worked extensively within the MSK and orthopaedic sectors, including three years at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital. Having worked in various clinics and with international sports physicians, Roz leads our ongoing exercise library expansion and helps translate clinician needs into new app functionalities.

Trish Wisbey-Roth
Expert Contributor

Australian Specialist Sports Physiotherapist for spinal, lumbar-pelvic and hip conditions. International lecturer on the diagnosis and exercise rehabilitation of lumbar-pelvic and hip regions. Founder of the Bounce Back exercise system of active rehabilitation.

Boniface Verney-Carron

Boniface is an internationally recognised integrated osteopath, who likes to use the broadest possible holistic approach to understanding and treating his patients according to their singularity, lifestyle and environment. He also has special interest in women's health, pregnancy care and pre and post partum optimisation.

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