Your custom analysis platform to aid the analysis of your clinical data.

Physidata uniquely fuses treatment centric patient data collection and aggregation with machine based analysis tools that are made available for human interpretation through an easy to use interface.

Physidata is built to your specification within our existing UI / UX framework and takes into account:

  • Your payer relationships

  • Your patient profiles

  • Your treated conditions

  • Your preferred Patient Reported Outcomes Measures (PROMs)

  • Your staffing and clinical partners

  • Your Electronic Medical Record system

  • Your brand identity

Physidata provides the collection of patient data such as:

  • Ability levels

  • Achieved treatment specific outcomes in recovery exercises

  • Adherence to prescribed exercises

  • Answers to single or multiple patient recorded outcome measures (PROMs)

Physidata can output a number of reports of the collected data material, including:

  • Individual patient outcomes for the analysis by the treating healthcare provider

  • Adherence of clinical recovery exercises for individual patients or cohorts

  • Arithmetic-based means and median outcomes

  • Raw data for analysis in external systems or studies

Physidata can also be set up to provide email alerts, or automated health checks for patient cohorts, clinician team members, clinical partners.

Physidata also integrates with your EMR system for the inclusion of individual or relative outcomes information in your patient’s journal.

Pricing of Physidata

Physidata is built to your specifications inside of an existing UI/UX framework and pricing is based on:

  • Clinical specialties (MSK, cardiology, neurology, etc)

  • Conditions treated

  • Number of clinical locations

  • Size of clinical staff and / or clinical network

  • Size and diversity of patient pool

Our engineers and statisticians spend 4-6 weeks with you to define and calibrate the data collection engine as well as onboard your clinical teams. Our team continues to work with yours throughout the duration of our commercial relationship.

The patient data collection engine Physitrack is included at a nominal cost per month, per user subscription fee and Telehealth is charged per minute of use.

Please contact for more information.